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Soft Tissue Modalities


Myofascial Release 

This is also known as “muscle stripping” and the goal of this treatment is to break up any adhesions in the muscle or fascia within the area of concern.



Silicone or glass cups are applied to the skin and pressure from the suction of these cups causes blood vessels to expand in the area and in turn increase blood flow which provides increased waste elimination and proper nutrition to the area.



(Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

A medical grade stainless steel tool will allow increased tissue healing by breaking up adhesions within the area of concern. Inflammation can also be decreased in the area using this technique.




​The tape is applied post-treatment in order to allow continued support and stability of the injured area. This tape will normally stay on the body for 3-5 days after treatment and allow the body to continue to heal.


Trigger Point

Release Therapy

Trigger points are areas of tightness within a muscle that have increased neural output which can cause local and referred pain to other parts of the body. The therapy involves applying pressure to the trigger point in order to relax the area of increased neural output.




​Electrodes are placed on the skin over the problematic area. An electrical current is then supplied to the electrodes which in turn stimulates the muscles in the area. This will help to decrease muscle spasm and relax tight muscles. This type of stimulation can also release enkephalins that are the bodies natural pain relievers. 



Cold packs are used as a pain treatment method in which localized freezing temperatures help to decrease nerve irritation and inflammation in the area of application.


Moist Heat

Hot packs are used as a way to "warm up" tight muscles and decrease pain in a specific area, leading to increased functionality and mobility of the muscles and joints being treated.




A handheld device is used to send controlled & concentrated impulses into muscle and soft tissue. This helps in relieving pain, tightness, adhesions and accelerating the growth and repair of tissues.

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