Massage Therapy

Massage therapy techniques are an excellent compliment to chiropractic care. We highly recommend massage therapy as an additive co-treatment for our patients. At Elite Chiropractic we set a high standard of care and want the best for our patients.


  • Relief muscle tightness & spasm

  • Promote relaxation

  • Reduce muscle & joint pain

  • Alleviate everyday stress
  • Improve posture and body mechanics
  • Increase circulation
  • Break down scar tissue adhesions

Our Team:

Cameron Francoeur

With an outstanding background as a personal trainer and years of experience, Cameron brings both his passion and expertise to Elite Chiropractic. Cameron has garnered a vast background in body sciences, and continues to learn each and everyday. Helping over hundreds of clients achieve their goals through his blended method of various modalities. Cameron is a graduate of the Connecticut School of Massage Therapy, and a NASM Certified Trainer. He has been helping individuals with their goals since early 2015. Cameron's hobbies include rock climbing, hiking, and cooking meals for everyone to share!

To contact Cameron directly call or text (203) 200-0628

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